We are grateful to so many collaborators for helping to make this project a reality!

Detail, hairwork watch fob with gold mounting and clasp, Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History, 1982.447.59. Photograph by Jonathan Blake.

Middlebury College Center for Community Engagement for its generous support through an Academic Outreach Endowment Grant (especially Diane Munroe and Ashley Laux)

Middlebury College American Studies Program (especially Diane Burnham, Susan Burch, Rachael Joo) and the Spiegel Family Fund

Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History and its Research Center (William Brooks, Mary Manley, Eva Garcelon-Hart, Taylor Rossini)

Rokeby (Lindsay Varner)

Shelburne Museum (Nancie Ravenel, Katie Wood Kirchhoff, Tom Denenberg)

Middlebury College Special Collections (Rebekah Irwin, Joseph Watson, Danielle Rougeau)

Lincoln Historical Society (Lucinda Cockrell, Rhonda Hutchins)

Middlebury College Libraries (especially Rachel Manning and Interlibrary Loan Heroes!)

Karen Bachmann, who shared examples of her collection with us and instructed us in the art of hairwork and gimpwork

Middlebury’s DLINQ, especially Bob Cole, Steven Mockler, Luke Phelan

Jonathan Blake, for the beautiful photographs

Last but not least: we are grateful to all the women who made these remarkable works of art and to those individuals who have preserved them over the years, stewarding them to public collections.

Banner image: Hairwork watch fob with ivory charm. Henry Sheldon Museum of Vermont History, 68.20.a. Gift of Mrs. Frances A. Waite. Photograph by Jonathan Blake.